Different Areas within the Market

Properties in the Telluride region fall into four areas: Town of TellurideMountain VillageArea SubdivisionsRanches and Mesas

Below we have provided an overview of the four regions in order to give you an overall perspective of the area.

Town of Telluride

The real estate in the Town of Telluride is a diversified mix of historic properties, residential condominiums and developable lots.

Telluride is a historic Victorian era mining town.

Once known as Columbia, the town that was founded in 1878 quickly grew with the gold and silver rush. The wealth the mining created allowed many to build the beautifully crafted homes and buildings throughout town

When the mining era went bust many mining families left the region. Telluride converted into a ski resort town in 1972, and has since become a world-class ski resort, the festival capital of Colorado and a destination for visitors from around the globe.

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Mountain Village

The core design of the Mountain Village community is based off of a modern ski village found in Europe with cobblestone plazas, no streets, European architectural accents and a mix of residential and commercial buildings.

In a contrast to the historical Town of Telluride, Mountain Village was founded in 1986 and incorporated in 1995 and today you can find the core condominium, fractional ownership, residential homes, developable lots and opulent mansions throughout Mountain Village.

Mountain Village’s core was built to serve the needs of the growing ski resort, and ski runs intersect the village throughout providing ski-in, ski-out access for many residents. The town is also home to the region’s only golf course. A free gondola transportation system was put into place to service not only skiers but commuters and visitors as well.

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Area Subdivisions

If you want privacy, space, spectacular views, and proximity to Telluride and Mountain Village, consider looking at one of our regional subdivisions.

Regional subdivisions that might meet your needs include: West Meadows, Sunnyside, Gray Head, Raspberry Patch, The Preserve, Elk Run, the Telluride Ski Ranches, Aldasoro Ranch, and Last Dollar.

Each subdivision features building sites from 1-35 acres priced from $75,000 to $2,400,000, as well as a variety of resale homes.

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Ranches & Mesas

Outside of Telluride, Mountain Village and local subdivisions exist mesas of incredible beauty and gorgeous vistas.

These alpine plateaus rise above the adjacent canyons with beautiful views of the surrounding peaks. Among the lush meadows full of native grasses and wildflowers are groupings of iconic aspens and firs.

Early settlers homesteaded these mesas, and then eventually turned them into large ranches. Some of these ranches have stayed intact; others have been divided into 35-acre parcels or less forming subdivisions. Many of these subdivisions have been developed with electric, gas, telecommunications and maintained county roads.

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